colored that doodle of some elfy dorks

(Time for a bit of the unusual I promised…)

Neytiris and Avaran 

Featuring Fenris and Zevran as Na’vi Elves (as a joke) by uuyly

Hello everyone!

I want to remind you that this blog does take submissions and if you see any quality holiday or winter-themed Dragon Age art, I think that’d really spruce up the blog, plus it’d make the archive for December even more useful in the future!

Or feel free to direct me to any artists who you know might be doing some, I’d love to see it! 

Thank you for following.

Kisses to Isabela

Featuring Zevran, Isabela and Fenris by uuyly


Mr and Mrs Arainai

Featuring Zevran x Veila, Elf Warden by SmaiLika07


Zevran+Zeva II

Featuring Zevran x Warden Zeva Cousland by Breogan

Zevran and Zeva I

Featuring Zevran x Warden Zeva Cousland by Breogan

Full Picture Here

DA:O Peekaboo

Featuring Zevran by rooster82